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Ramon Abbas, who is known as “Ray Hushpuppi”, was arrested in Dubai after an FBI investigation and has appeared in a US court

A social media celebrity, who flaunted his opulent lifestyle to millions of followers on Instagram, has appeared in court in the US charged with running a global scam which allegedly targeted a Premier League club.

Ramon Abbas, known to his social media followers as “Ray Hushpuppi”, was arrested in Dubai last month after a months-long investigation led by the FBI.

In a dramatic video produced by Dubai police, officers taking part in what was dubbed “Operation Fox Hunt 2” are seen breaking through the doors of Hushpuppi’s home while he slept.

A dozen alleged co-conspirators were also arrested in a series of coordinated raids.


In dozens of Instagram posts over the last few years, the 37-year-old Nigerian national has boasted of living the extravagant lifestyle of the super-rich jet-set.

Investigators say they were able to track his movements by following his posts on his Instagram account, which has 2.4 million followers.


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