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May the soul of Aunty Remi Oyo rest in peace. The late Aunty Remi was President Olusegun Obasanjo’s spokesperson. She had no iota of respect for Adams Oshiomhole as a Labour leader because of his Jekyll and Hyde predilection.

As the Number One Labour leader, Oshiomhole would huff and puff, mobilising us, the Labour and civil society for one strike and protest or the other. With his oratory, he would make the necessary noise for sound bites. We would go out to mobilise to shut down the country. We didn’t know he was playing to the gallery and this is where Aunty Remi comes in.

Aunty Remi would tell some of us: “Nothing would happen tomorrow. Adams just left the Villa. ‘Eyin kon se aluta lo, a ti pari ise pelu oga yin.’ (You people are just doing Aluta. We have sorted out everything with your leader).

Just as Aunty Remi said, the next thing we would hear the next morning was that the strike and protest had been suspended. Aunty Remi knew what usually transpired at the Villa’s nocturnal meetings. Reason she had no respect for Adams till she passed on.


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